Company Profile

Bali Organik Subak is one of fruits and vegetables exporter from Bali-Indonesia since 2019. We have exported some tropical fruits, such as mangosteen, mango, dragon fruit, and salacca to China, Europe, and Singapore. We also have exported vanilla bean, vanilla paste, and dried fruits to Europe. This year, we also provide a good quality spice powder, cocoa powder, cocoa bean, and coffee bean to our buyers.

Bali Organik Subak has been registered as one of certified and trusted exporter from Indonesia. We have listed in China and Europe. Our packing house and farm also has been registered as one of the trusted one in Indonesia. In every step of our export process, we always use the best handling methods to ensure product quality. Our Ministry of Agriculture annually always conducts audits and controls on us and other exporters in Indonesia due to quality assurance management.

In addition, we also nurture farmers and build a sustainable value chain system based on community in Bali. We believe that a good business should have 3 main related points : People, Planet, and Profit.